“Louisa was introduced by the interior designer who’s been helping us on our newly built house. We procured the house mid construction, which meant that the architecture was already in place by the time we took it over. That gave us a structure that could not be changed and that had to be accommodated.

The brief for Lou included not only the finding of the ideal art content for a specific spot but also the finding of solutions for making challenging structural spots into great features. And she did it brilliantly. I am confident that as a result of that, not only the particular space has been improved with the art we commissioned for it but that the entire house has benefited.

She did that by listening to what I wanted to achieve, visiting the site and observing the space carefully. She presented me with some alternatives, we discussed pros and cons of each, she then refined the list and refined it until we reached a point where I was happy to go ahead to commission.

Her focus to the task was tremendous: she was quick to provide suggestions, kept me informed at all times, was unafraid to contact and deal with galleries outside the UK, or with artists directly where applicable. She has been a great sounding board, never dismissing choices I was considering, only guiding and helping me crystallise my thinking. She understood what was important to me in a piece of art and the acquisition of art and worked to find it.

She is ethical in her dealings with galleries and artists, she believes in supporting artists whilst at the same time striving to obtain the best outcome for her client.

She seems to have good contacts in the art world and she frequently attends art fairs and viewings both in the UK and abroad, keeping abreast of up and coming artists. She has a great ability of thinking outside the norm and presenting art proposals that perhaps one would never have considered otherwise.

On a personal note, she’s engaging, warm and funny whilst at the same time maintaining her professionalism. It has been a pleasure working with Lou and I hope to be able to call upon her help in the future”


Please note: This client has asked that the project and her name are anonymous, but should you wish to check the validity of this reference I am sure she will chat on the phone.

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