Please find on this page all my various sources of reviews as well as full testimonials from some clients.


The West Sussex House

“Louisa was introduced by the interior designer who’s been helping us on our newly built house. We procured the house mid construction, which meant that the architecture was already in place by the time we took it over. That gave us a structure that could not be changed and that had to be accommodated.

The brief for Lou included not only the finding of the ideal art content for a specific spot but also the finding of solutions for making challenging structural spots into great features. And she did it brilliantly. I am confident that as a result of that, not only the particular space has been improved with the art we commissioned for it but that the entire house has benefited.

She did that by listening to what I wanted to achieve, visiting the site and observing the space carefully. She presented me with some alternatives, we discussed pros and cons of each, she then refined the list and refined it until we reached a point where I was happy to go ahead to commission.

Her focus to the task was tremendous: she was quick to provide suggestions, kept me informed at all times, was unafraid to contact and deal with galleries outside the UK, or with artists directly where applicable. She has been a great sounding board, never dismissing choices I was considering, only guiding and helping me crystallise my thinking. She understood what was important to me in a piece of art and the acquisition of art and worked to find it.

She is ethical in her dealings with galleries and artists, she believes in supporting artists whilst at the same time striving to obtain the best outcome for her client.

She seems to have good contacts in the art world and she frequently attends art fairs and viewings both in the UK and abroad, keeping abreast of up and coming artists. She has a great ability of thinking outside the norm and presenting art proposals that perhaps one would never have considered otherwise.

On a personal note, she’s engaging, warm and funny whilst at the same time maintaining her professionalism. It has been a pleasure working with Lou and I hope to be able to call upon her help in the future”

The Barnes House

“How do you go about finding art for the walls of your home? Well if you are anything like us you just don’t know where to start! We are not very “arty” although we can appreciate beautiful art when we see it; finding something and being brave enough to imagine it on the walls of our house is another thing altogether.

Having refurbished our house, we wanted a couple of pieces of art to finish it off.
We didn’t know where to start but luckily a friend recommended we get in touch with Louisa Warfield – and she does know what to do.
Hiring an art consultant sounds very luxurious, but Louisa is very down to earth and her way of working is very accessible. We would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to find the ideal piece for their home.

So how does it work?
After an initial chat, Louisa came for a consultation where she looked at the house, the rooms & bare walls we wanted to fill and asked lots of questions to get to know our tastes, aims & budget!. What were we looking for – an investment? a splash of colour? people? abstract? and although we didn’t really know the answers to any of the questions she was undaunted. Phew! And we added a “no thank you” to the invitation of going to an art fair (very kind though!).

For £150 initial fee, Louisa then did a huge amount of research and investigation. She returned about a fortnight later with a presentation of possible options (all of which fitted in the spaces we had identified), from which we could be totally honest about whether they made the cut or not. Each piece & artist was introduced and explained – which was absolutely fascinating.
We agreed on a couple of perfect pieces and then Louisa advised on and carried out all the next phase – sourcing, transporting, framing and hanging. She even arranged for us to meet one of the artists which was amazing and has made the piece even more special.  The initial consultancy fee was deducted from the purchase price of the art; meaning we paid the same as if we had actually just walked into a gallery, seen something and bought it. But Louisa made everything so easy – even glazing and framing is a scientific art; some might even say a minefield.

We are thrilled with our art, and could not have done it without Louisa’s help and guidance. Without her we would definitely still be saying “we need some art” but not actually knowing what to do about it!”

The Blackheath House

“We had heard of Lou via a friend and contacted her for advice on filling some large blank walls in our house. At the time we didn’t really know what we wanted nor even both liked the same things, but over the next several months Lou persevered in guiding us through our journey to finding the perfect fit. We visited galleries and artists’ studios; we had endless emails and phone calls discussing the seemingly inexhaustible list of ideas Lou came up with for us. We were not easy people to please but that only seemed to increase Lou’s determination to help us find “the one”. 
We appreciated so many things about the experience of working with Lou. While at first it felt indulgent to pay someone to find us something we’d like, we absolutely could not put a price on Lou’s expertise. She is down-to-“earth and genuine and on a couple of occasions she gave us some really honest advice which must have been difficult for her to frame but which further strengthened our confidence in her ability to help us. The whole journey with Lou felt like a real adventure – we got a glimpse of a different world and learned so much from her along the way. Most of all, Lou clearly has a passion for her work and a huge enthusiasm and drive when it comes to discovering and celebrating new talent. 

We couldn’t be happier with our new collection from British female artists, and cannot recommend Lou highly enough.”

The Chase Flat

“Lou was recommended by our interior designer as an art consultant and she has done a great job finding art for the flat. We were really struggling to find artworks that we’re suitable for the large spaces on a couple of walls. Lou was able to source some art pieces that looked great with our existing decor and really pulled the colour scheme together.

Lou was brilliant to deal with – she was happy to visit the flat on a Sunday & came back for a second visit when we changed some furniture to reassess what art would look good.

She was also able to attend our flat while we were at work to organise the hanging of the artworks which was really helpful. In particular, the hanging service to put up existing pieces which we hadn’t been able to find a home for was great.

Overall, I don’t think we would have been brave enough to buy such large paintings on our own initiative so Lou’s help was invaluable in finally getting the flat finished!”