A recent development in my business is my move into corporate art consultancy. I have just completed a huge corporate art project, curating, moving and hanging over 150 artworks for one of the city’s largest firms.

My first career was in marketing for Unilever and I believe this experience sets me apart in terms of managing and creating a corporate art collection – I understand branding and therefore I can translate your company brand values into a art collection strategy which we can then activate in terms of the art for your offices, business or corporation.

Here are some of the art services I can provide. Everything is billed at £75 per hour plus VAT.

– Current art collection analysis – this includes an analysis of ‘appropriateness’ to your strategic objectives, valuations, condition reports. Report as to what artworks need offloading and what gaps need to be filled.

– Sourcing new artworks for the corporate collection. This can be achieved in a number of ways according to your needs and how involved you would like to be. Some clients prefer to lead from the front and use me as administrative support and a sounding board (I am quite useful in preventing costly art mistakes!), whereas others prefer to use my eye and create the ‘look’ for the office myself. I am happy working anywhere on this spectrum.

– Managing and overseeing all logistics. A large part of corporate art collection management is logistics and I can take this all off your hands. I can arrange all framing, shipping, hanging, invoicing. I can liaise with your architects and building teams to make sure that your spaces are designed with the correct hanging systems and lighting for artwork. I am an organised person with a strong black book of art world contacts.

– Brand activation. Do you want your artwork to say something about your business to your team or to your clients? Do you want to link your corporate art to your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy or program. Do you want to engage your team with your corporate art, with the artists that created it or engage the team in choosing the work themselves?

Please do give me a call on 07855 803509 to discuss any of your corporate art needs.

Zanele Muholi photograph for corporate art collection.