5 Art Things to do in Coronavirus Lock Down (Edition 1)

A number of people have asked ‘So Lou, has the art world shut down because of Covid’. Well, I think we all shut down a bit for the first few days – if you were anything like me you took the opportunity to clear out a few cupboards and wash down your walls. But thankfully, that novelty has passed and the time has come to re-engage, to do some things we had been meaning to and perhaps even start a little art project at home. In this blog (which I am promising myself to do weekly – lets see how that goes :/), I am going to share five things you can do to keep yourself engaged in the art world during lockdown and importantly, maybe help an artist along the way.

Idea 1. Drool over Titian at the National Gallery

Sadly, I didn’t get to see this exhibition before the National Gallery closed, but I think this video “Titian, Love, Desire and Death’ presented here by Dr Matthias Wivel has to be the next best thing. Not only does he give great insight on Titian himself, but his explanation of the works is one of the most illuminating descriptions of what it is to be human that I have ever heard. I am not sure which is sexier – Titian’s nudes or this bright, insightful presenter/curator. Something for everyone here and definitely, definitely my new art crush 😉

Dr Matthias Wivel presenting ‘Titian: Love, Desire and Death’ at the National Gallery, London

Idea 2. Follow the hashtag artistsupportpledge on Instagram

This amazing idea was conceived by artist Matthew Burrows from the realisation that the world was going to suddenly get a lot harder for artists during lockdown with many of their usual sales channels suddenly closed (galleries, art fairs, studio shows). The idea is simple. Artists post works for sale under the #artistsupportpledge for £200 or less. Once they have sold £1000 of work they purchase £200 of work from another artist – thus sharing the love. There are some lovely things out there and it is a small but significant way we can support makers and artists at this difficult time.

Here are a selection of the works available to buy.

For Sale by artist Ima Pico:
Andrew Graves has already sold enough work to pass on the love

Check out Mr Benjamin Perrot on insta too

Idea 3. Spend some time learning to how to paint Botanical Watercolours

Each week I am going to showcase a different way of doing art at home. First up are the amazing watercolour tutorials by Billy Showell. Billy has whole website dedicated to teaching people how to do botanical water colours and there really is something for everyone here. Try the ‘Seedling’ package (free and with taster tutorials), Full Bloom Per month (£11.99) or Full Bloom per year (£99.99).

Billy Showell is a fine artist herself and you really are learning from a master. A wonderful present for anyone who is stuck at home and has always wanted to try this challenging but beautiful medium.

‘Pink Summer’. Available for sale on surfaceica.com

Idea 4. Listen to an Art Podcast

I have to admit that listening to more podcasts (maybe just one podcast) is on my Corona Virus Isolation bucket list. I am going to start my art romp through podcast land with the podcast ‘Art Curious: Exploring the unexpected, the slightly odd and the strangely wonderful in art history‘ If the example below is anything to go by, this sounds right up my street. If anyone else has any recommendations on Art Podcasts that they have enjoyed I would love to hear.

Eadweard Muybridge, Photo Pioneer and Jealous Husband

Idea 5. Find art that you will love looking at for the next 4 months

If you have been looking at a wall thinking ‘I really must get something for that’ then now is your chance. We can do a zoom call (or Skype if that’s your thing), we can discuss light, atmosphere, size and style. This costs £150 and I will send you 10 ideas for your space.

Here is a piece a client bought only yesterday. I can’t help but feel this work is going to bring her great joy and sunshiney happiness.

If you want to look at something that give you as much joy then please get in touch on 07855 803509.

Spring Time Flowers, Rosie Copeland

Louisa Warfield is an art consultant who is currently still finding work for clients homes and sacred spaces. She can be contacted on louisa@lousiawarfiedart.com or by phone on 07855803509.


  1. Emma says:

    Lovely blog, thank you Lou. How are you doing? Fancy a distance natter outside our houses? E xx

    • louwarfield says:

      Hello! Having a lovely time it has to be said – I needed a rest. Nice to stop and regroup a bit. Would love a natter. Come down to the green and I’ll put a couple of chairs out for us?! Whats app me!

  2. Sherry Kerlin says:

    Hello Louisa, I have been looking forward to this blog. The video on Titian sounds terrific. I found a virtual tour on YouTube of the Louvre that I found fascinating. I hate to admit it, but I have been following the 2020 Sky Arts portrait competition on YouTube. Maybe a bit cheesy, but I love to watch people paint. It takes guts to go on TV and paint a portrait in four hours with a crowd of people watching. I would like to participate in the Artistssupportpledge, but getting to a post office is nearly impossible for me at the moment.
    Best, Sherry

    • louwarfield says:

      Hey Sherry. Click the link (only just turned the links a pink colour so you can see them) for th Titian. You’ll see what I mean….. I will check out the Louvre tour next. I went years and years ago pre art life and was bored shitless by the experience so I must try again now I am a touch more cultured!

      Sky Portrait Artist of the Year is my secret watch too!!! The kids and I watch it. We find it very funny which I am sure it isn’t meant to be. In fact, I was chatting to a gallerist about it recently – he represents an artist that won it (does a beautiful nude – Luis Morris). Luis says that really it should be called ‘4 hour Portrait artist of the Year’ because that is actually what it tests. How quickly can you do yours…… I am hatching ideas…..

      Don’t let a little thing like not getting to the post office bother you. I am sure people will understand and can wait. Dive in. Do you do oil on paper? Preparatory Sketches? Something you can bung in an envelope and stick a stamp on. We need great artists to do this pledge…..

      How are you doing in NY my friend? Please stay safe and well xlxxxx

  3. Miriam Gilroy says:

    Hi Louisa,

    I really like your ideas. I have stopped work for now and will look at the doing the botanicals myself.
    I hope you and your family are doing well through this terrible situation.

    Hugs and kisses

    • louwarfield says:

      Hello Gorgeous Girl

      That is so lovely to hear. You’ll be in good hands with Billy. Knowing you, you’ll be producing stylish master pieces in an instant! Shall we have a zoom call or a whats app call one day? Would LOVE to be back in touch properly and now things are quieter it might be a good chance. My phone number is on my website? Or sen me a zoom invite to louisa@lousaiawarfieldart.com xxxxx

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