5 (Possibly Slightly Silly) Art Things to do in Coronavirus Lockdown (Edition 3)

So I don’t know about anyone else but the novelty of lockdown is slightly wearing off for me. I have cleared all the cupboards I am ever going to realistically clear (I have now accepted some will remain untouched until the day I die – kids enjoy those – read the labels on the boxes before you give to charity and google EVERY name on every painting you find!). Now I feel like some silliness, some frippery. Now, actually, I want to go OUT AND EAT DINNER IN A GOOD RESTAURANT. But in lieu of that (sigh), I am writing a very quick blog and only including art things to do in lockdown that are shallow, fun, possibly involve some online shopping and are a bit silly. So here goes.

Idea 1. Do an Art Jigsaw Puzzle

You could do an art jigsaw puzzle if you are looking for art things to do in lockdown
Ooof. This is next on my list. Buy here.

I have always been a fan of a jigsaw. Give me some rain, a holiday, a cup of tea and at least a five hundred piece jigsaw puzzle and I am in heaven. Lockdown as it turns out has the same effect. Make a jigsaw puzzle an ART JIGSAW related and well, it’s about as much fun as a girl can get with her clothes on in my book. Try doing it naked and well….. say no more. I LOVE these gradient puzzles by Byrce Wilner. We have done the ones in blue/green (oddly delicious) and black white (somehow a bit depressing). I have now, thanks to this art blog, found one in Milennial Pink that has my name all over it.

This is an art jigsaw in gradient colour that we loved doing in art lockdown
Try this Byrce Wilner Puzzle in Blue/Green

There are so many puzzles out there that are art related. A 1000 piece Van Gogh still has us stumped, but I have two next on my list. The first is this Dorothea Lange Migrant Mother one, thanks to the brilliant online course MOMA are running that I mentioned in one of my first blogs. And the second is a puzzle recently released by Jonathan Cooper gallery by wonderful artist Harry Steen. Art things to do in lockdown has never been so fun.

Buy the Migrant Mother puzzle here and spend some time with this incredible image
Beautiful thing this. Buy here.

Idea 2. Fed up of Cooking Constantly? Buy Art Plates

This is a plate by artist Linder.
This will spice up serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Are you, like me, feeling like you are working in some kind of twilight zone of constant food production. How many times do you load and unload the dishwasher. I am currently averaging 5 per day. I am fed up of seeing my safe and boring Sophie Conran plates. I am going to buy these instead from my favourite ever collage artist, Linder, from the utterly brilliant House of Voltaire. I can’t help but think these are going to cheer up my meal prep, clearing the tables and loading and unloading of the dishwasher on a minute by minute basis. They might even distract the kids from arguing. You can even get the matching table cloth and napkins if you are feeling especially arty.

Idea 3. Fold Your Face.

I have always admired the work of Alma Haser and her brilliant collages. Now you can buy a kit and fold your own face. What’s not to love.

This is an artwork from the series Cosmic Surgery by Alma Haser.
Artwork from the series Cosmic Surgery by Alma Haser.
Fold your own face! Buy here!

Idea 4. Recreate your favourite object or painting from The Getty Collection.

There has been a flurry of activity from creative types responding to this call out from The Getty to recreate any of their artworks using household items. Check them out on twitter or their blog here – some of the entries are truly brilliant. Check out this video from Twitter showing the latest winners. Watch this space for the Warfield Family entry in due course….. of all the art things to do in lockdown that I have suggested – this surely has the potential for being the most addictive.

Idea 5. Continue to support #artistsupportpledge

So I have included this in every quarantine blog I have written (find week one here; week two here) and this week is no exception. The more artists I speak to, the more I realise what a massive difference this brilliant scheme is making to their lives. Many are only existing to keep their studios on because people are making these small purchases to keep them financially afloat. In keeping with this week’s theme, here are a couple of ideas from the more fun end of the art spectrum.

Support an artist and buy something that will make you smile off them. Thanks to Alix Emery for these videos.

So that’s it for this week. Maybe I will be back next week with more serious art things to do in lockdown or maybe I will be getting sillier and sillier from now on. I am still working and amazingly actually still coming up with strong art ideas for clients. Get me before all my brain cells go? Ten ideas for a space costs £150 and we can do it all remotely. Call me on 07855 803509.

Louisa Warfield is an isolating art consultant who is spending way too much time doing art jigsaw puzzles and folding faces.

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