How An Art Consultant Approaches Her Own Blank Wall Problem!

I advertise myself as “an expert in bespoke, beautiful art solutions and impartial art advice for private clients, interior designers and friends” so did have a little laugh to myself when I came home one day and found my very own challenge on my very own door step – a blank hoarding that cut across my frontage and cut out loads of light to the front of the house. After a small amount of swearing under my breath, I pulled myself together, reminded myself this is what I do for a living and then put together the following recipe:

I Need My Own Art Services!

Take a blank hoarding that cuts across the front of my house, blocks out lots of light and is a bit of a depressing eye sore. Ask kind neighbour to get approval from the other neighbours in the close to spray paint it by a brilliant doodling street artist, twist arm of builder to white wash the hoarding and then run a competition with Nappy Valley Net for a group of kids to come and have a go at some street art. Call up pal Marc Craig – get date set and then pray the wind dies down as the week progresses. delight in the fact that good pal Charlotte from PenniBlack Catering wins the prize! Five kids and my son arrive, give them a health and safety lesson, a few tips and let them at it – throw in some cup cakes from Lolas Cupcakes and watch a wonderful couple of hours unfold. Marc then painted over the hoarding with his final street art design. I may well take a couple of the panels and reuse in one of my schemes. This is what art should be about – creative expression, making blank walls happier places and helping forge community cohesion. It was an absolute pleasure to have had this opportunity. If life gives you a blank wall – then fill it with art that bring you joy!

If you have a blank wall inside or out that you need some art advice for then please do call me on 07855 803509.

Hue thanks and credit for the video to Phileas from In My Time Line

Ta Da! Bespoke Creative Art Solutions For Private Clients and Herself!

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